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Influenza diagnosis by PCR will be faster and reliable than other methods such as immunodiagnostics am In its recent guidelines on influenza laboratories , the April 25, the wHO that Rapid antigen tests given to detect influenza A viruses designed. Be able to detect this swine virus but may be due to the low sensitivity compared with other laboratory diagnostic methods false negative results results (.

Data analysis of the viral gene sequences showed that both products are already on the market, the second artus Influenza LC RT PCR Kit and ResPlex II can be used to determine if Influenza A virus sequences is present in a sample, including the H1N1 subtype are. If the sample is positive, treatment with widely used drugs such as Tamiflu or Relenza can be prescribed according to the recommendations given by the corresponding drug manufacturers. ‘We have the swine virus sequence with our assays compared The primers which correspond to the start and end points of a genetic sequence that is more visible to the target sequence is defined, 100 % for the artus kit and nearly 100 % for the ResPlex kit, ‘said Dr.Of new therapies.. Long-term to with pancreatic carcinoma therapeutical vaccines.

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