Thirty participants took part in two sessions where they mask.

The UCL study set out to determine whether nitrous boost actually imaginative suggestibility – a trait closely related to hypnotic suggestibility – and imagery vividness. Thirty participants took part in two sessions where they mask, been inhaled in air or 25 per cent nitrous oxide. The volunteers were not told which type of gas, they would be given, and the mask was scented the sweet smell the sweet smell of the nitrous oxide. During each session the participants were a series of mental images and testing were asked to indicate their response on a scale of 1-7, where 1 was ‘ as clear and vivid as the real thing ‘and 7 was ‘ no image present at all ‘.

They do not will want .. The study, noted noted journal Psychopharmacology that nitrous oxide increases imaginative suggestibility by approximately 10 %. This effect was independent of expectations of the participants with regard to the effects of the drug. ,, Honorary Research Fellow at UCL, said: Nitrous oxide is one which has most widely used but least well understood anesthetic gases used and, until recently, relatively little about how it works inside the body known , recent research showed that. Might be nitrous oxide, such as ketamine acts as an antagonist at N – glutamatergic methyld-aspartate receptors , which are found in the brain. A brain-wide excitation of these receptors is responsible for the nitrous oxide-induced increase in pictures liveliness found in the study.However, should Flu Jab who these wintertime, experts warn – British Medical Journal.

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