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Hyperborean Legends – Areas where nature is at its best is where you can live lengthy, is anther well-known fad about anti-aging. It has helped push forward the travel and tourism deals to places such as Kashmir and Georgia to market anti aging. Fountain Legends – These legends revolved around the idea that there were hidden magic pills and waters and fountains of youth that resulted in anti aging. This legend again provides helped promote anti aging products such as pills and capsules and botox remedies and anti-aging liquids.Other study has suggested that upbringing may be one factor in the gender difference in prices of occurrence of the disorder but that has yet to be verified. Dr. Procopio says their results might lead to ways to treat and even prevent anorexia, which provides become one of the most common psychiatric problems. The research appears in the Archives of General Psychiatry, December 2007.. Childhood physical and sexual abuse may increase risk of early or late onset menarche Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have found an association between childhood physical and sexual misuse and age in menarche.