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The study, which looked at 5,145 children from the Netherlands found a U-shaped relationship between behavioral and emotional problems in early childhood and gestational age at birth. 2006,rding to the researchers, this outcome that children born both premature and post perspective more likely to develop problems.

According to the research, the fetal HPA axis by placental endocrine disorders or maternal stress during critical periods are influenced during fetal development. They explain that this influence can increase in neuroendocrine abnormalities, how vulnerable a child in the future it is, can cause emotional and behavioral disorders.All Rights Reserved part.. Online order to a compulsory license for Merck HIV / AIDS Drug of efavirenz expenditure.

Thailand Ministry of Public Health announced on Wednesday, grant a compulsory license a less expensive a cheaper version from Merck antiretroviral therapy of efavirenz, Reuters trusted. Requirements regulations allow governments national emergency national emergency and give compulsory licenses not consulting the foreign patent owner. In Thailand which was 580,000 people with HIV / AIDS has won international recognition for its quickly introduction of a national drugs program which treats more than 82,000 HIV-positive people.