Why the longevity gap?

Why the longevity gap? Nobody knows for sure. But studies have shown that a leading reason could be that men do not care for themselves as well as women. To do older men, the American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health in Aging has published an easy to understand health ‘tip sheet’ – ‘for the Elderly: Tips for Good Health in Later Life’ – just for them. – Recommended ‘by such things as eating a healthy diet for an exercise plan that is for them to maintain a healthy weight, not smoking, see your healthcare provider for check – ups and screening tests, and taking medications as – Men can their chances and improve and increase healthier, ‘says geriatrician and AGS Member Barney Spivack, Medical Director of Life Care, in Shelton, Connecticut.

The FHA tip sheet provides up-to-date advice, tailored to the needs of ,,. Taking medication safely, eat well, and exercise safely It includes information on screening tests. For abdominal aortic aneurysm, bone health, prostate cancer, colon cancer, depression and sexually transmitted diseases the tip sheet also offers advice for avoiding falls and fractures falls and fractures, smoking cessation stay mentally sharp and socially engaged later in life, and whether and how much to drink.What should the research world to be done? Dickersin said it was registers registries which include View all studies that have in the works. Unfortunately, there are highly powerful lobbies, and there inertia, has hindered to register all studies on humans in all the countries, she said.

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